About Us

Welcome To Bulldog Cannabis

Bulldog is about attitude, ambiance and authenticity

Experience farm-to-counter flowers at Bulldog’s Boutique Dispensary, the first in unincorporated Eastern Riverside County in the heart of Thousand Palms.

Grown and sold in the same building, you can’t get fresher flowers anywhere. And with no middleman, you won’t find a better value either. We offer loyalty programs and daily deals as well as promotions and discounts. We also offer free delivery valley-wide with no minimum!

As part of our dedication to quality, we have a pheno-hunting specialist on staff who is selecting the best phenotypes so clients can be assured of experiencing only the finest available. We also feature in-house genetics and mother programs.

Along with other premium products that have been carefully curated and hand-picked (just like our flower), Bulldog offers you a sublime experience you won’t find anywhere else. Love to sit at the chef’s table at a restaurant? Enjoy visiting smaller wineries and breweries because you get to meet the owner. Then you’ll love Bulldog – where you even have a view into our trim room. Our cultivation features two-tier vertical LED grow rooms with high-porosity soil. We’re so picky we also manufacture our own lights and tables for our growth and focus on in-house and on-site training.

Want to learn more? We offer tours for VIP and loyal customers.

Inspired by the renowned Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, where the owner sought to create a “living room” for residents, Bulldog promises the same welcoming feel and attention to detail. Our experienced and informative budtenders will guide you to great choices based on your preferences or willingness to try new options. In tune with what discerning consumers want, Bulldog has something for everyone and is committed to providing excellent customer service as part of your luxurious experience.

Our mission is to elevate the lives of individuals in the Coachella Valley one flower at a time.