Customers’ Guide to Cannabis Purchase

If you’re a cannabis fan or consumer and live or are visiting Indio in Southern California near Palm Springs, you may have noticed there are no cannabis dispensaries. However, finding a cannabis dispensary near Indio to purchase marijuana as a recreational or medical consumer is now possible with the opening of Bulldog Cannabis in nearby Thousand Palms, which also offers free delivery within 15 miles with no minimum.

Other nearby cannabis dispensaries include CanaSociety, Cannabis 21+, Medical Marijuana Delivery Service, Extra Palm Springs and Best Friends Farm, all dispensaries offering the finest cannabis dispensary retail experiences in California, although only Bulldog features a grow under the same roof as the dispensary. This is a review of what cannabis trading looks like in this city and other parts of Southern California.

A stellar retail experiences

Near Indio, retailers are offering familiar and welcoming environments such as those you can find in popular stores. In addition, you’ll be surprised to see floor plans offering multi-sensory product browsing experiences.

Customers can touch product packaging and smell cannabis products as they shop. This is an appealing experience for connoisseurs and first-time consumers who may not yet know what they want to buy.

You will also find a handy selection of products in the Desert region as well as huge metropolitan areas such as San Diego. The beautiful city of San Diego features a shopping culture you’d expect from a traditional retail experience far from a drugstore visit.

Just like U.S. citizens, even tourists are entitled to the same permissions regarding weed. Therefore, smoking weed in the city and anywhere in the state will not attract the attention of the authorities (at least as long as you respect the rules about where you are consuming it, which usually does not include public places).

If this is your first trip to the state, there are a few things to remember. It’s a bit of a backpacker’s guide to cannabis consumption. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

A few simple “points to watch”

To buy legal cannabis, you can do that at a dispensary. If you’ve not visited one before, you may be surprised by the experience. Far from looking like the dodgy, dark places most people are used to buying weed in the black market, cannabis dispensaries are well-lit and organized establishments like any retail store.

However, buying cannabis at a Southern California dispensary isn’t as easy as shopping at a retail store. You must present proof of identity (bring an ID card). Also, cash is usually the only means of payment. No payment service provider offers transactional services for products bought at a dispensary.

Meanwhile, dispensaries are now offering ATMs. However, the ATM does not indicate the company’s name on the statement. Therefore, you will not need to justify the transaction to your bank.

Even though you can buy and examine various cannabis strains in any dispensary, you cannot smoke there. Smoking around or inside a dispensary is also not allowed unless they have a special lounge permit. And you cannot do it within 300 meters of a school.

This is a noticeable difference from coffee shops for cannabis as in Amsterdam. Cannabis dispensaries are only there to offer a product to consumers. But what you do with the product is (to some degree) your choice.