Edibles With the Taste and Effects You Want

Edibles in Palm Springs

Have you been looking for the best edibles in Palm Springs? When you go to a dispensary, do you want to be able to choose from many different kinds of edibles to find exactly what you’re looking for? That’s what we can provide here. With a wide array of edibles in Palm Springs, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Blue Ribbon Edibles in Palm Springs 

Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a household name for many years. Now, they’ve branched into cannabis, offering products that live up to their reputation. 

Each “Midnight Berries” offers a single 12oz can that promises an exciting blend of THC, CBD, and CBN. Priced at just $4.00, each can combines 10mg of THC for a subtle buzz, 2mg of CBD for positive vibes, and 3mg CBN for the ultimate chill. 

Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or create memorable moments with your friends, Midnight Berries can be your go-to solution. This vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO beverage can lead to relaxation in no time.

Fruit Chew and Chill 

Camino Black Cherry ‘Chill’ Fruit Chews are specifically and scientifically designed to help you unwind and reset. Each chew is infused with 10mg THC, totaling 100mg THC in a 10-serving pack and only costing $18.00. The deep, calming, and relaxing chill effect induced by the Black Cherry chews comes from a carefully mapped blend of THC and naturally occurring terpenes.

Made from real fruit, these chews are inspired by the traditional flavors you’d find in an orchard or on a leisurely nature walk. These individually wrapped taffy-like pieces are bursting with sweet cherry flavor that lingers tantalizingly on the palate. 

As with all Camino products, these are formulated using unique combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other functional ingredients to enhance your mental state and provide a refreshing perspective.

Turn the Lights On in a Big Way 

We are pleased to present two electrifying products that are sure to elevate your senses.

Leading off,  “Lights On” THCV Energy Gummies harness the invigorating qualities of Green Crack Sativa, devising a formula that grants you a refined, vivacious high without any unnecessary edge. Priced at just $20.00 per pack, these alluring gummies tantalize the taste buds with an extraordinary fusion of kiwi, melon, and an understated hint of sour apple.

Each mouthwatering gummy is infused with Green Crack, a legendary super sativa that more than lives up to that name. It’s derived from the famed Skunk #1 strain and an unspecified landrace indica. Known alternatively as “Green Crush”, Green Crack is a potent and invigorating super-sativa, famous for a stimulating high that leaves you feeling animated and elevated.

Added to this striking blend is an infusion of THCV – a promising and relatively rare cannabinoid known to produce a less ravenous high. Each gummy possesses a potent 2:1 ratio of THC to THCV, amounting to a total of 30mg of total cannabinoids per piece. Enough to launch you into a day full of vigor and motivation while keeping the usual cravings at bay. 

Our gummies are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, ensuring they are suitable for a variety of diets. Each pack contains 100mg of THC, providing a plentiful supply of energy and euphoria for those seeking the ultimate sativa experience.

Furthermore, Green Crack’s lineage is of note, reported to be a cross between a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club and a mystery landrace. The strain was initially named Cush until it was christened Green Crack by Snoop Dogg himself, in homage to its powerful, sativa-like effects. In 2015, this strain secured third place for Best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup.

“Heavy Hitters” That Are Exactly That 

“Fast-Acting Sour Peach Sativa Gummies” are everything that name promises and more. Moreover, they’re priced at a convenient $17.00 per pack. Infused with 99%+ pure THCA diamonds, these Heavy Hitters gummies provide a clean high that takes effect swiftly.

These gummies are structured with genuine fruit concentrate, bursting with bold, tangy flavors. They average an onset effect of merely 15 minutes, undergoing a plant-based emulsification process that speeds up cannabinoid absorption without surrendering the taste. This process involves THCA Diamonds, created from a full spectrum extract, leading to a powerful cerebral high.

These are all-natural and gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. The juicy peach flavor harmonizes wonderfully with a high that spurs creativity and stimulation. Each pack contains 100mg of THC, providing an exceptional Sativa experience.

More Than Just Edibles in Palm Springs

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