How to Buy Cannabis/Marijuana in Thousand Palms

Buy Cannabis

Starting from January 1, 2018, any adult over 21, Californian or not, can now purchase cannabis at a California dispensary. Today, there are many cannabis dispensary stores throughout the Valley where you can buy weed, from Desert’s Finest to Desert Kush and LIBRA Cannabis Co. However, there wasn’t one in Thousand Palms until Bulldog Cannabis opened. The first one in Thousand Palms, and the first one in an unincorporated area of Eastern Riverside County.

The budtenders (the people behind the counter) at these dispensaries are ready to give good advice to first-timers. But this does not stop you from reviewing the basics before going to a dispensary.

A few rules to follow

For starters, California law imposes a few rules regarding the purchase and consumption of cannabis:

  • Be over 21 and prove it with a driver’s license or passport.
  • Do not have more than 28g of dried flowers or 8g of concentrates on you. This is also the purchase limit.
  • Do not consume outdoors. It’s the same law as tobacco, and Californians are very strict about enforcing the ban on smoking in most public places.
  • Do not cross the California border with cannabis, whether you are entering or leaving the state. However, you can travel within California by car or plane with cannabis in your luggage within the above limit.

How to find a dispensary?

Cannabis dispensaries abound, so there are a lot of choices, including Bulldog Cannabis in Thousand Palms. However, you can also use the Weedmaps tool, which geolocates the nearest dispensaries according to your position. You also have access in the app to the prices of each dispensary’s products and the users’ comments.

Finding the Right Cannabis

Arriving in front of the dispensary counter, you are now poised to choose. Several questions remain to be asked.

Do you want to experience the effects of cannabis?

If yes, turn to products with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). If not, go for CBD products (cannabidiol). If just a little, choose a product with CBD and a low percentage of THC.

THC and CBD percentages are listed on dispensary menus. It is not uncommon to see strains reaching or exceeding 30% THC. If this is your first time or over 10 years since your last, go for strains with 10-15% THC.

For beginners, beware of overdose. The side effects of cannabis are unpleasant, even if they disappear quickly. It is better to start with low doses with less-dosed products to enjoy them longer.

For consumers who are a little more accustomed, weeds are very well processed in California. Although the THC percentages can be impressive, the weed is also very rich in terpenes which smooth out the psychotropic effects of THC. You could therefore be slammed by a tasteless Audonian weed at 15% but react well to a big Californian weed at +30% THC.

How do you want to feel?

  • Energetic: Choose cannabis Sativa strains that induce more cerebral effects, called high. Cannabis consumers generally prefer them during the day.
  • Half and a half: Hybrids are for you. Their effects depend on their crossings but provide more balanced effects.
  • If you want a slightly longer effect: Choose edibles or foods infused with cannabis (the famous space cakes). They come in almost every possible and imaginable form (candies, drinks, pizzas, etc.)