How to Consume Cannabis

Consume Cannabis

Therapeutic cannabis has been authorized in California since 1996. The cannabis market in the state is now a $7.7 billion business with more than 6.7 million regular users. Some use it to treat insomnia or reduce the pain of serious illnesses. Of course, the percentage of recreational users outweighs those using it for medical reasons. But that’s a topic for another day.

Marijuana sellers escape closure because of the therapeutic virtues of their products. Every year, more dispensaries are opening shops. In Southern California, we’ve seen many stores open up for cannabis trading. One of the new entrants is Bulldog Cannabis, which now joins the big dogs of cannabis dispensaries in the Coachella Valley.

So, access to cannabis is now easy and cheaper without going through the black market. If you’re thinking of trying medical marijuana, here’s a little guide on choosing and consuming it. We’ll tell you the methods of ingesting cannabis and the most recommended ones.

How to Take Medical Cannabis?

There are various methods of consuming medical marijuana. The best technique depends on your personal needs and the symptoms you want to treat.

Many people choose cannabis-containing foods. Cannabis is combined with a fatty ingredient and then cooked to make desserts or other dishes. Edibles contain various advantages:

  • They do not tire the lungs.
  • They can be consumed with discretion.
  • They allow an easy and accurate dosage.

For example, if you take a particular dose of cannabis and get 16 brownies of equal size, you can know the exact dose of the cannabis in every portion. The effects of vaporized or smoked cannabis last 3 to 6 hours, while those of edibles last for as long as 11 hours.

Cannabis-containing foods also have a little bit of a different molecular profile compared to smoked weed, so they’ve contrasting effects. You can make the edibles by yourself or buy pre-packed ones.

You can also consume cannabis through a vaporizer. In this case, you heat cannabis until its active ingredients evaporate, and you can inhale it. Unlike smoking, vaporization is not as harmful to the human lung. However, it can be unpleasant to people with respiratory conditions. You can vape with pen vaporizers or dabbing devices; it depends on your desired intensity.

Tinctures are also highly appreciated by consumers for therapeutic purposes. These are cannabis-based alcohol that you can consume sublingually (under your tongue) to achieve immediate effects. This is also applicable to cannabis oil. This combines a food carrier oil with cannabis extract.

The classic method – cannabis smoking – is often not ideal for medical users, as it can damage the lungs. Anyone with respiratory or lung ailments should avoid this method.

Get The Right Medical Cannabis Around You

Medical marijuana appears to have the potential to treat numerous ailments and symptoms. The industry is moving towards personalization — the development of individually tailored treatments.

By taking advantage of the cannabis dispensaries around you, including other resources online and experienced people within your community, you’ll be able to have a treatment plan which meets your needs.