Looking for a Great Cannabis Dispensary?

So you want to find a great cannabis dispensary but not sure where to start? What are some questions to ask and criteria to take into consideration? Here are some good starting points for you.

Is the owner ever in the dispensary?

This is a good sign that they are hands on and paying attention to details. It also means you have access in order to ask questions that budtenders might not know, and to make suggestions that can make you love the dispensary even more.

Is there a good choice of products?

You want a wide variety, but you also want a few choices within each category. A great cannabis dispensary will stock popular brands, but also offer some interesting choices and options. 

Are there new products?

Favorite brands are great – but a great cannabis dispensary will be willing to stock new choices and brands so you can try them. That will keep things interesting and make for a good experience each time you visit the dispensary.

Are the products of good value?

Prices can vary a lot between cannabis dispensaries depending on factors like location and the finish out of the interior. It’s up to you if you’re willing to pay more for the intangibles that perhaps add to your experience.

How knowledgeable are the budtenders?

Do they just take your order, or are they really well versed in the products that are available? Are they able to guide you and answer questions? Are they willing to offer personal opinions based on firsthand knowledge? That can be invaluable in evaluating one cannabis dispensary against another.

How flexible is the return policy?

Sometimes products don’t work out, or the quality is not what you expected. How willing is the cannabis dispensary to work with you to make things right?

Is the dispensary convenient?

This is very subjective. If the cannabis dispensary you’re considering meets all the above criteria, then it may be well worth driving a little further to visit.