Official Partners of Acrisure Arena & Coachella Valley Firebirds

Welcome to a New Era of Entertainment and Community Engagement

At Bulldog Cannabis, we’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with Acrisure Arena and the Coachella Valley Firebirds. Our commitment to excellence and community enrichment has led us to this unique collaboration, set to enhance the experiences of sports and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

Sponsorship Highlights
Joining us in this venture are premier brands known for their innovation and quality:

  • Gelato: Renowned for its awesome variety of vape flavors that take your taste buds on an adventure.
  • Alien Labs: Specialists in breeding and cultivating premium cannabis, focusing on unique and potent varietals
  • Claybourne & Co: Stands out for its Southern California-crafted, lifestyle-oriented cannabis products, representing a diverse community from athletes to everyday workers.

Our Collective Vision

Our collaboration is more than a sponsorship—it’s a synergy of shared values and a vision for the future. Together, we aim to:

  • Elevate the fan experience with interactive booths and educational insights into the cannabis industry.
  • Provide exclusive offers and promotions, bringing the thrill of innovation right to the heart of the community.
  • Engage with fans through unique contests, giveaways, and memorable experiences at our events.

What This Means for You

As our valued customer, you stand at the forefront of this partnership. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive Access: Early notifications of special events, priority booking for shows, and behind-the-scenes looks with Acrisure Arena and the Firebirds.
  • Member-Only Perks: Discounts on merchandise, unique offers from Bulldog Cannabis, and our sponsoring partners Gelato, Alien Labs, and Claybourne.
  • Community Connection: Invitations to community events and initiatives sponsored by Bulldog Cannabis, bringing you closer to the heart of the arena’s excitement.

Join the Excitement

Every game, every concert, every event is a chance to celebrate our passion for excellence and community. Stay tuned for updates, as we roll out the green carpet to welcome you to a series of unforgettable experiences.

Get Involved

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For questions or more information, contact us at 760-481-3236