Quality and Quantity: Our Cannabis Discounts 

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Do you want top-quality cannabis products without having to pay the highest prices? Here at Bulldog Cannabis, we don’t believe that anyone should have to sacrifice price for quality. We’re proud to be able to offer farm-to-counter cannabis products at price points to fit every budget. That said, we always make sure to offer great cannabis discounts and a membership program, too. Through this, Bulldog Cannabis, the best dispensary in Palm Springs is able to connect more people with more great cannabis items. 

Membership and Its Benefits 

One of the most common questions we’re asked is some version of: “What’s your membership program?”  The idea is simple: for just $99 a month, you get access to products and events in addition to discounts. For example, as a farm-to-counter cannabis company, we offer fresh flower and other products that other places simply can’t. So, if you’re a member, you can pick up to four different strains for a total half ounce of first-cut, top-shelf premium flower. That itself will more than pay for your membership, as that value comes in anywhere from $220 to $240. 

Membership Throughout the Month 

Beyond that, as a member, you’ll be invited to special, private events. Now, when we say that an event is going to be “special,” we mean it. You’ll also get free samples of any number of products, so that you can find some new favorites (as well as some new experiences). As a member, we’ll come to you first. That means you’ll have the first opportunity for not just new products but also products of limited supply, too. You don’t need a special event to stop by, of course. You’ll get five percent off of all regularly-priced items, whether you’re in our store or ordering from delivery. There’s no long-term commitment here, as you can cancel with three days’ notice. 

Daily Specials 

We’re always glad to welcome our members to our store, but you certainly don’t need to be a member to enjoy Bulldog Cannabis. In fact, you don’t have to be a member to get great discounts. Case in point, this blog was written on a Friday. As such, it’s “Flower Friday” here at Bulldog Cannabis. So, that means there’s 10% off of flower, pre-rolls, and all other things cannabis flower. That’s just what’s the special today. There’s always some other new, great discount here at Bulldog Cannabis. 

A Fine Day for Cannabis 

We don’t know when you’re reading this blog. It could be Friday evening, it could be on the weekend, it could be Tuesday at 2:25 PM. Regardless, what we do know is that, at the time you are reading this, it’s a great time for cannabis. You can find a wide range of products at our site. You’re more than welcome to come by and try our products while viewing our grow rooms. That said, we also deliver to so much of the valley as well. To see all of the ways we can connect you to great cannabis, click here.