The lucrative, recreational, and medicinal uses of the cannabis plant have entirely changed the narratives people once had about cannabis. After years of discrimination and marginalization, cannabis for recreational use is now available in eight states. In Colorado, for instance, people aged 21 and over can legally acquire cannabis in dispensaries in some states as long as they possess a cannabis card.

Kids And Cannabis

Despite legalization being the norm in these most states, educating your kids on the dos and don’ts associated with cannabis is never easy. Though it is illegal for children to consume marijuana recreationally, they may try it out sometime in the future. No matter how difficult it may seem, educating your kids on everything cannabis should be is of prime importance. Like sex education, children have a long, challenging social life ahead of them. So offering them vital tips on navigating such challenges is critical.

Speaking Cannabis With Your Kids

To the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), here are some tips to follow regarding having a cannabis-related discussion with your children.

  • Identify The Right Moments To Ignite Such Discussions

The first tip is to look for an ideal moment to raise such conversations. Such moments may include

  • Driving past a cannabis dispensary
  • Seeing someone smoking cigarettes across the street
  • As well as watching a character smoke pot on TV. Should you be fortunate to encounter any of the scenarios above, that could be an ideal moment to raise such cannabis-related discussions.

  • Communication is Key

Remember, your kids are just kids. So when discussing issues of this magnitude, always mind your choice of words. To achieve smooth and easy-going conversations with their kids, parents should

  • Learn how to have age-appropriate discussions with young children, tweens, teens as well as young adults
  • Engage in conversations rather than lectures
  • Just ask the questions rather than being judgemental
  • Always be engaged in whatever happens in your child’s life
  • Be an active listener for children love and adore a listening parent
  • Never approach such topics with anger cause your child would be left demoralized and unable to engage in such discussions

  • Tell Your Children, The Truth About Cannabis

Cannabis is here to stay, and thanks to the medicinal and recreational benefits sandwiched with the lucrative nature of the industry, the sky is the starting point for this industry. Also, it is essential to educate your kids on the uses of cannabis. And why its legalization varies from one state to another, and why it is illegal for people under age 21.

  • Create An Avenue Of Trust

Making your kids trust you and being comfortable around you make it difficult for them to keep secrets. This is critical cause once this trust exists, they can freely reach out to you in case of any worry. For instance, if your kids know they can count on you in their darkest moments and you would make them see the light, nothing humanly possible would stop them from confiding in you with their cannabis-related worry(s)

  • Be Understanding If Your Child Is Using

Remember, a child will always be children. And as a parent, we owe them love, proper guidance, and understanding. If you find out your child is using or confide in you about their use of cannabis, try to be calm. Once you achieve that, ask about their motives or what drives them to use cannabis and be observant about whether or not it affects them. If it does, get help immediately reaching out to a cannabis expert or a physician.

Final Note

Considering the difficulty of isolating our children from interacting with the rest of the world, we as parents still have a vital role to play. One involves educating and trusting them to handle themselves appropriately and, most importantly, make the right decisions.