The Next Generation of Edibles in Palm Springs

Edibles in Palm Springs

Are you looking for new edibles in Palm Springs? Does it feel like all of the edibles that you’ve been consuming are more or less the same? We get it. That’s just one of the reasons why, here at Bulldog Cannabis, we do everything we can to find what’s new in edibles. That way, our customers can enjoy top-quality edibles on the cutting edge of cannabis. Below are just some of the newer products that we’re currently offering. 

Root Beer that Really is XTREME 

There are edibles, and then there are edibles that won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible. That’s what Keef Classic Soda Bubba Kush Root Beer XTREME won. You can consume this by itself, for a delicious kind of root beer that’s unlike anything else.

Of course, you can add some other ingredients to it, too, to make it even better. Case in point: you can put ice cream in this to make a root beer float unlike any you’ve ever had before. Caffeine-free makes for the perfect dessert, something that tops off the perfect dinner. 

Shots for Sleep 

Have you been dealing with insomnia? Does it feel like you can’t quite get to sleep all that often? If so, Kwik Zzzs can help quite a bit. Chockful of lavender, chamomile, Valerian root as well as kushberry indica extract, this can help you to drift off to sleep quickly, easily, and restfully. 

On top of that, these are also low in calories, too. All-natural in flavor as well as ingredients, these can help you to get a good night’s sleep without harming your health, too. This might be the most delicious way to get to sleep. 

Always a Time for Chocolate 

Chocolate. Just reading the word can make you hungry. We get it. What makes chocolate better? Right: cannabis. That’s what you’ll find with our Kiva Bar Milk Chocolate. Crafted only out of the purest ingredients, this is an incredible milk chocolate bar on top of being a great cannabis product. 

Plenty potent, this milk chocolate bar has 100mg of THC per pack. So, unless you’re experienced,  you’re better off going serving by serving on this one. Of course, as of this writing, the holiday season is right around the corner. Showing up with one of these to a holiday party is an easy way to make yourself the hero of the party. 

Edibles in Palm Springs and More 

Those listed above are just some of our edibles. There are plenty of others. You can find plenty of drinks, tinctures, and so much more. 

Of course, our dispensary is “Bulldog Cannabis,” and not “Bulldog Edibles.” There are plenty of other ways to experience top-quality cannabis here as well. From flowers to pre-rolls, vapes, and so much more, you can experience cannabis how you want with our products. 

We’re more than happy to serve you at our dispensary, but we also deliver valley-wide as well. To see what we offer, click here.