Understanding Medical Marijuana and How to Buy in a Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Dispensary

For decades, cannabis has been stigmatized and excluded from the medical sector. However, medical marijuana has recently made enormous strides thanks to states, doctors, and patients who have recognized its true potential. Today, following the opening of Leaf El Paseo, the first Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Desert, in early 2019, there are now a lot of highly rated cannabis dispensaries in the Palm Desert area, where you can get high-quality legal and medical marijuana. From Leaf El Paseo to Best Friends Farm, Desert Kush, Royal Highness, and Palm Royale Collective.

Before using Cannabis to treat a health condition, it is essential to understand what medical marijuana is, its varieties and how it works. Welcome to our getting started guide. Here we will delve into all these aspects and list some options suitable for treating the most common ailments.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is Cannabis used to treat certain health conditions. Cannabis offers many therapeutic uses, but some strains are better suited for treating specific ailments than others. There are wide varieties, each of which can be used in a specific medical setting.

First of all, a clarification: “marijuana” and “cannabis” are interchangeable terms. Both refer to the Cannabis sativa L plant. In treatments, buds are generally used, which can be more or less “psychotropic” – i.e., capable of altering the mental state. “Weed”, “ganja” and “Mary Jane” are other colloquial terms for cannabis.

One of the most important distinctions to make is between Sativa and Indica. This classification concerns the morphological aspect of the plant (Sativa plants are taller than Indica and develop more tapered leaves). These two types generate different therapeutic effects. Sativas have more energizing effects and produce a “cerebral” high. Precisely for this reason, they are more suitable to be consumed during the day. Indicas generate more relaxing, “physical” effects, often accompanied by sleepiness and increased appetite. They are usually eaten in the evening or at night.

Cannabis strains can also be categorized according to their assortment of cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids and terpenes are molecules that contain the therapeutic effects of the plant and its aroma. Among the most common cannabinoids, we find THC, which produces most of the psychotropic effects of cannabis and also has specific therapeutic properties.

Then there is CBD, a molecule with no psychotropic effects but rich in beneficial properties. Therefore, when using medical marijuana, choosing a strain with an assortment of cannabinoids and terpenes is essential to suit your needs.

How can I get medical marijuana?

The procedure for getting medical marijuana treatment differs depending on where you are. First, you need to get a written prescription from a doctor. Then, once given, you can buy it in a dispensary, or get it from a doctor, according to the regulations in force.

In many areas, medical cannabis can be obtained from your doctor or directly from a government agency. However, the range of varieties proposed is likely to be very limited. Depending on your health condition, this factor can limit the effectiveness of the treatment.

Alternatively, you can go to a dispensary. Dispensaries operate in Palm Desert and most cities in the Coachella Valley as well as many parts of California, and throughout the U.S. They generally offer a wide range of cannabis and related products, a welcoming environment, and experienced “budtenders” who can help the customer choose the strain.

Dispensaries are an excellent choice for those who have just decided to use medical marijuana. Just search for a dispensary near you, and walk-in with your passport or other ID cards and cash. Unfortunately, many dispensaries don’t accept credit card payments.