VIP Membership Perks at Our Palm Springs Dispensary

Palm Springs Dispensary

Are you looking for better ways to enjoy cannabis? Do you want to be able to get the highest quality products for less? That’s exactly what we offer at our Palm Springs dispensary. We’re currently offering memberships to our “Bulldog Cannabis Club.” For just $99, you can acquire a membership to our exclusive club and its many benefits. You can cancel whenever you’d like with just three days’ notice. That’s just one of the ways we make this business to fit more people.  

Discounts You Can Count On 

We believe that if you’ve gone to the effort to join our club, you deserve to be rewarded for having the best discounts on our products. To that end, when you’re in the club, you get a 5% discount on all of our regularly-priced items. That’s not just in our store, but also for delivery as well. 

Beyond that, you get a monthly pick up of up to four different strains for a total half ounce of our first cut, top-shelf premium flower. This comes to, more or less, savings of $220 to $240 itself. So, with just this perk alone, you’re getting more than your money’s worth. 

Special Events That Are Truly Special 

We designed Bulldog Cannabis to be more than just a dispensary, more than just a weed store. We wanted this to be like the Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. There, the owner created a “living room” for customers, where they could feel comfortable just coming in, kicking back, etc. 

So, when we have private events here, you’ll get invitations to them that others won’t. Moreover, you’ll have opportunities for VIP tours of our dispensary, grow room, and so much more. Our goal is to foster a community, to open our doors to more customers.

Be the First to Know (Among Other Benefits) 

Here at Bulldog Cannabis, we’re always getting new products in. We’re always bringing in new items, the cutting edge of cannabis. Of course, we make sure that they’re offered to our club members first. In addition to new items, we do the same thing for limited-supply items, too. 

Those are just some of the surprises that we offer. Indeed, we also give surprise free samples to our club members, too. When it’s your birthday, we believe that should be celebrated, so we’ll give you a free gift for your birthday, too. 

A Palm Springs Dispensary for All 

We’re quite proud of our Cannabis Club here at Bulldog Cannabis. That said, you don’t have to be a part of our club to enjoy our products. From edibles to vapes, pre-rolls to flower, and so much more, you can find a wide range of products right here. We offer the top brands and names that you’ll recognize, yes, but we also create our own products right here, too. 

While we’re happy to have you at our dispensary, we also deliver valleywide, too. To see all of what we offer, click here.