Weed Delivery to Palm Desert and Valleywide You Can Trust

Weed Delivery Palm Desert

Are you tired of typing in your address to one dispensary or another only to find that they don’t deliver to you? Do you get frustrated having to get dressed and physically go to a dispensary every time you want some cannabis? That would frustrate anyone. Indeed, one of the major reasons that we started Bulldog Cannabis was to offer reliable weed delivery to Palm Desert and the surrounding area. Our delivery can give you what you want and when you want it. 

Weed Delivery to Palm Desert and Beyond 

Yes, our Bulldog Cannabis dispensary is located right in the beating heart of Thousand Palms, smack dab in unincorporated Eastern Riverside County. That all being said, our delivery reach is far and wide indeed. 

How far and wide is it? Well, we take great pride in offering delivery that really is “valleywide.” That means that we deliver all throughout the valley. We don’t just deliver to some areas and not to others. Instead, we deliver to all corners of the valley. That way, we’re able to serve a wider range of customers, enabling them to get the products that they want. 

A Dispensary At Your Door 

We’re proud of the dispensary that we’ve built, yes. But, we understand that folks can’t get to it all of the time (or they’d simply rather just stay on their couch). That’s great! Indeed, that’s why we make it so that you can order the products from our menu for delivery. 

So, whether you’re feeling hankering for edibles, tinctures, flowers, pre-rolls, or anything else, one of our delivery pros can make sure that it gets to you in a reasonable amount of time. 

Delivery Without Minimums 

If you’re like so many who have used (or tried to use) weed delivery in the past, then you may have ordered some products for delivery only to find that you didn’t hit some arbitrary minimum or something and thus you were unable to complete your delivery order. We don’t believe in that. 

Here at Bulldog, we deliver with no minimum. That’s right. We don’t believe that you should have to buy a whole bunch of products just to be able to experience real cannabis convenience. So, no matter how much you want delivered, we can make it happen. 

Our Doors are Open 

Delivery is one of our most popular services, yes. However, it’s far from the only way that we’re able to serve our customers. Indeed, we have an entire dispensary here as well. In fact, we offer “farm to counter” products which you can see in our grow room. We believe it’s one more way to make the cannabis experience more authentic for our customers. 

Whether it’s for a big holiday or just a night when you want to kick back, our delivery can help to make it that much better. To see everything we offer for delivery, we invite you to check out our menu.