What “Farm to Counter” Cannabis Means 

best dispensary in Palm Springs

Have you been looking for for the best dispensary in Palm Springs? that you know you can trust will be of high quality? Are you tired of purchasing something that you’re told is made of the best ingredients and processes only to later find out that is not the case? Here at Bulldog Cannabis, we believe in authenticity. There are any number of cannabis companies you can go to for mediocre products, something that is grown somewhere else and shipped to the location. Here, you can find true “farm to counter” flower. 

What “Farm to Counter” Flower Means 

Essentially, it means that we handle every step of the process. We offer the freshest flower you’ll find anywhere. How do we know that? Simple. We grow and sell the flower in the same building. There is no part of the process that we do not oversee, that we are not involved in. Thus, this enables us to provide a truly curated, hand-picked experience. We know that because we do all of this by our own hands. 

We Only Sell That Which Meets Our Standards 

The farm-to-counter process actually starts earlier than many realize. Case in point: we have a staff “pheno-hunting specialist.” This person’s job is what it sounds like it is: they go out and find the absolute best phenotypes anywhere. There’s no “settling,” there’s no “that’s good enough.” They only bring back the very best phenotypes anywhere. Then, we use those to make the finest caliber products available for our clients. We see it as one more way we can make the process better, one more way we can assure the quality of our products. 

Quality Assurance Extends to Our Store 

All of the above would be for nought, we believe, if our in-store experience were anything less than exemplary. Our storeroom is held to the same standards as our grow rooms (indeed, they’re in the same building). So, when you’re here, you can sit and enjoy these products while taking a view of the actual grow room itself. Then, you can not only see the Bulldog Cannabis difference, you can experience it as well. In fact, to see all of the ways we separate ourselves from the rest, you can take a VIP tour of our facility as well. 

A Deep Catalog of Cannabis Products 

At Bulldog Cannabis, we’re proud to be able to open our doors to those who would experience our cannabis and see how we make it. That said, we understand that, for many of our customers, you may not be able to come to our in-store experience. Thus, we offer free delivery to the valley area, too. That way, you can enjoy great cannabis no matter where you might be in the area. Whether you’re coming by to try something new for the first time, or you have a Bulldog Cannabis membership and want to get the most out of it, we have a deep catalog of products. To see everything we offer, we invite you to check out our site.