What’s a Great Local Cannabis Dispensary in the Palm Springs Area?

local cannabis dispensary

The first cannabis dispensary located in Thousand Palms near Palm Springs has opened – Bulldog Cannabis. Named after the iconic Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, the first to use the term “coffeeshop”, Bulldog promises the same welcoming environment. And just like the original, there’s also a bulldog associated with the business. In Amsterdam it was Joris; at Bulldog Cannabis it’s Zaza.

Sleek and modern, this local cannabis dispensary is unique in that the building also houses a grow. That means you won’t be able to find fresher cannabis flower anywhere, and at a better value. Bulldog Cannabis also features proprietary grow features which add to the efficiency and sustainability. Beyond daily specials, Bulldog is also offering Club Zaza – a membership program with benefits that far exceed the monthly cost, including exclusive first access to freshly cut flower in a custom-designed combination of strains chosen by the member.

Founded by father and son Sam and Levon Kapukchyan, Bulldog Cannabis also already has their sights on future expansion with an event space beyond just serving as a local cannabis dispensary, although events are already being scheduled with a ribbon cutting and open house on tap for the afternoon of June 29 with four local Chambers of Commerce. This commitment to the community will continue, with Bulldog looking forward to also supporting other area nonprofits such as Animal Samaritans, located nearby in Thousand Palms as well.

Bulldog Cannabis also understands how busy people are, but how much they appreciate good service and convenience, so that’s why they are also offering free delivery within 15 miles of the dispensary, which covers pretty much the whole Coachella Valley. There’s no minimum for delivery, which also makes it a really easy choice.

More information about your new favorite local cannabis dispensary can be found at bulldogcannabis.com or by calling 760.481.3236.